hello How to write your first article at Technically We Write

Interested in writing an article? Here's how to get started.

We launched Technically We Write in May 2023, as an open community centered around technical writing, technical editing, usability, text processing, web content, and anything else you can fit under the general category of "technical and professional communication."

As a community website, we encourage everyone to contribute. We welcome all writers to share an article with Technically We Write! You don't have to have a job title of "technical writer" to write an article. Everyone does technical and professional writing, regardless of what your role or title is in an organization. Technical writing is all around us. 

If you'd like to write an article but aren't sure where to start, here are a few suggestions:

Write a "how-to" article about how to do a task. For example, if you are a web content editor, and you work with Wordpress every day, write an article about "How to create a new page in Wordpress" or "How to add an image to a Wordpress page." The tasks you do every day may seem natural to you, but they will be new to someone else.

Write a how-to article about your favorite tool or technology. If you have a favorite editor for writing XML content, write an article like "3 reasons why I use Visual Studio Code to edit XML files." Or if you have a favorite word processor that you use all the time, share an article explaining "How to format a flier in Microsoft Word."

Tell your story in technical communication. Everyone has a different background and a unique perspective in their work. Write an article about "How I got my first job as a technical writer" or "Why I love my job as a usability researcher."

Share a classroom project. Technically We Write is also an excellent opportunity for students to gain writing experience. A great place to start is by writing something you know. For example, many undergraduate "Tech Comm" classes involve projects. Write an article about your experience and what you learned, like "4 things I learned in my first usability test" or "3 things I learned about writing user stories."

There are lots of ways to contribute to Technically We Write. Join the community and share your story! 

We want to hear from you! If you want to share your story, email us. Our editor is jim@hallmentum.com.