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We want to share your story! Your article can be about anything related to technical communication, such as tools, tips, how you got started, what you've learned, or other topics in technical communication.

Writing is everywhere, and you probably do "technical writing" or "technical communication" no matter what job you're in. For example, people with a "technical writer" title often write manuals, documentation, web content, and other material.

But you don't have to be in a "technical writer" position to write with us! Organizational leaders write strategic plans. Developers write project documentation. Testers write test plans and reports. Each of those are different examples of writing and documentation!

Technically We Write isn't just about writing documentation. We're interested in all things "technical communication," and there are lots of ways to participate in "technical communication." Usability testers write personas, use scenarios, scenario tasks, and client reports. Advertisers write ad copy. Webmasters write web content.