scrabble-learn Students are welcome too!

Technically We Write isn't just for technical writers; anyone is welcome to join the community. Here's how students can contribute an article.

It's September, when students return to school in colleges and universities everywhere. And as students discover Technically We Write, we wanted to say "Hello!"

Technically We Write is an article-based open community about technical and professional writing. Since we launched the website in May, we've shared lots of how-to articles, interviews, technical writing samples, career journeys, and more. As an open community, we welcome anyone to share an article with us. And students are welcome too!

Writing articles is a great way to gain experience in technical writing. For any students who are planning a career in technical communication, having a few published articles on your resume can help you to stand out in a job application or an interview.

There are lots of ways for undergraduate students to contribute to Technically We Write. A great place to start is by writing about something you know. For example, many undergraduate "Tech Comm" classes involve projects. Write an article about your experience and what you learned, like "4 things I learned in my first usability test" or "3 things I learned about writing user stories."

You can also write about things you learn along the way. You often learn more about a topic just by describing it to someone else. As you learn about new topics in your technical and professional writing classes, describe it in an article. For example, write an article about "The importance of document design" or "Why it's important to start with a wireframe."

If you learn new digital writing technologies as part of your classwork, share what you learned. What's new to you will probably be new to someone else too. Consider writing articles like "A brief introduction to DocBook" or "How to write a document with Markdown."

You can also write a how-to article about new tools. Start by downloading an open source application and experimenting with it. An article about "I tried LibreOffice Writer for the first time, and I learned how to do these 3 things in a weekend" is a great article for our readers.

Technically We Write isn't just for technical writers; anyone is welcome to join the community. Write with us and share your story!