welcome How do you teach technical writing?

If you teach technical writing, we encourage you to write about it. A few ideas to share your first article.

This is the first week of Fall classes for many universities, and this is a great opportunity to invite technical writing instructors to share articles with Technically We Write.

Technically We Write is an open community with articles about technical communication, including technical writing, technical editing, web content, SEO, usability, digital tools, and writing technology. This encompasses many course topics in technical communication.

As an open community, we welcome new articles on any topics related to technical communication. If you teach technical writing - whether that's at the graduate, undergraduate, or high school levels - we encourage you to write about it. How do you teach technical writing?

You can approach this topic in many different ways. For example, if you recently updated or redesigned your technical communication course, share your new course outline. How do the assignments build on each other? What real-world inspirations do you draw from in your lectures? Other instructors would love to read about your pedagogical approach.

Another way to write about teaching technical writing is to share an assignment your students enjoyed working on. Describe a group project where students worked together to design, build, and execute a usability test. Or share a small group assignment to write a research report. What did the students like most about the assignment, and what did they learn?

Technically We Write isn't just for technical writers; anyone is welcome to join the community. Write with us and share your story!