charts What is a technical description

Technical descriptions are used everywhere, in every field, to describe things and processes.

A technical description defines a thing or person or process. Technical descriptions provide technical details about its subject, often for an internal audience such as coworkers or colleagues - although some technical descriptions might be written for an external audience such as clients and the general public.

Sample technical description

Technical descriptions exist in every career field, and they usually take the same format: a title, a photo, a few short paragraphs to describe the topic, and a list of facts. For example, a technical description for an everyday object like a coffee mug might say:

Coffee Mug

The coffee mug is a container to hold coffee. It has an open top, and a handle that makes it easy for the user to hold the mug.

Coffee mugs can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, plastic, or paper. Many household coffee mugs are made of porcelain. Many takeaway coffee cups in coffee shops are made of paper.

Caution: Contents are usually hot!

Common dimensions:

  • Diameter: 3 inches
  • Height: 4 inches
photo of a coffee cup

Sample technical description of a coffee cup

This technical description provides the key details about the object, including its name, a brief paragraph about it, another brief paragraph about possible construction, a warning, key facts, and a photo.

How technical descriptions are used

Technical descriptions are used everywhere, in every field, to describe things and processes. They are invaluable tools to provide basic information about the tools and equipment used in that line of work. Here are a few examples of how different fields use technical descriptions:

Laboratories: Material safety data sheets are an excellent example of technical descriptions. These provide information and warnings about chemicals and other materials used in experiments.

Construction: Equipment on construction sites is usually accompanied with an information booklet about every piece of heavy equipment.

Sports: Player information and statistics can also be considered technical descriptions. These provide player information such as their name, age, team, yards advanced, wins and loses.

Sales: Every product sold by an organization will be accompanied by a technical reference, providing the facts and specifications about that product. For example, mobile phones include information such as operating temperatures, radiation, compliance, charge capacity, and other technical details at the back of the user guide.