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If you would like to write an article for Technically We Write, but aren't sure where to start, start with this list of suggestions.

We welcome all contributors at Technically We Write. We're a community of technical writers, technical editors, and other technical communicators who share articles about a variety of topics in the field.

Articles can be about anything related to technical communication. Topics might include how to build a website, how to document a process, or how to use a writing tool. If you would like to write an article but aren't sure how to get started, use this list of possible topics to spark a new idea:

Build a website. Experiment with a new tool to create a website, and share your experience. Use a website builder like Silex, Webstudio, or DoTenX and write an article like "How I used X to create my own website." Or set up a static website with Jekyll, Astro, Hugo, or Eleventy and write a tutorial like "I built a website with X, here are 4 things I learned."

Start a blog. A blog is a great way for organizations to share information about new products, and for people to share personal updates. Use an alternative blogging platform like WriteFreely, BTW, or Ghost and write an article about "3 things I learned by setting up my own blog."

Analyze web logs. Technical writers need to know how they content reaches their audience. For web content, that usually means log analysis. Google Analytics is a powerful web log analyzer, but it's not the only tool to scan logs. Try an alternative like Matomo, Plausible, Umami, or Open Web Analytics and share an article like "The pros and cons of X to analyze web logs."

Add web icons. Websites with just text can be dull, while icons can help highlight important content or guide users to take action. Review two or more icon sets like Font Awesome, Feather, Tabler, Remix, or Bootstrap and compare them in an article.