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We want to interview you about your technical or professional writing. Let us share your story.

Every career field involves some form of technical or professional writing: For example, my career started in IT, where software engineers write test plans, project managers write project plans, supervisors write annual reviews, managers write department goals, directors write strategic plans, and CEOs write positioning statements. None of these job titles have "technical writer" in them, yet everyone writes technical or professional content according to their specialty.

That's why we started Technically We Write, to celebrate and highlight all forms of technical and professional writing. We welcome new contributors to our community. And a great way to get started in the community is by responding to an interview.

We want to interview you about your technical or professional writing. Let us share your story. Here are a few starting points:

Do you write project documentation? We'd love to ask you about the process of writing documentation for and about projects. Questions for an interview about project documentation include: Where do you start? What input do you receive? What tools do you use to write the documentation?

Do you write strategic plans? We want to learn more about your approach to writing strategic positioning documents. Who is your audience? What is your process? What decisions do you make about images and formatting for the strategic plan?

Did you publish a book, or are you about to publish a book? We want to ask about your book and the process of writing it. How did you find your topic for your book? What software or tools did you use to write the book? What was the review and edit process like?

Are you a professional writer or editor? We'd love for you to share insights about what you do. What are your daily goals? How do you collaborate with others? What interactions do you have with colleagues or other teams?

Do you do freelance work as an editor or writer? We want to highlight your unique perspectives. What is your background in the field? How do you engage with clients as a freelancer? What skills do you need to be a successful freelance writer?

These interviews are usually conducted over email; we'll send you six or seven questions that you can respond to. As with all our interviews on Technically We Write, these are friendly interviews. If you don't like how we worded a question, change it. If you don't like a question, skip it. If you wish we'd asked about some other interesting part of your project, add your own.