stories-matter What's your technical writing story?

We want to share your story about how you got started on your technical communication journey.

The field of technical communication is pretty wide, and we want to capture everyone's story. We know there are lots of ways to get into technical communication, including technical writing, technical editing, web content, HTML, web SEO, collaboration, UX, usability, and tools. Everyone has their story about how they became interested in technical communication, and why they are passionate about their work.

We encourage all of our readers to share their story with us. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

What motivates you to work in technical communication? Tell us about an exciting project that you worked on recently, and why it was a fascinating challenge.

How did you get into technical communication? Not everyone entered the field with a degree in technical writing. Many practitioners found their way into the role through another path, usually because they liked doing it and were good at it. Share your story about how you became a technical communicator.

What skills do you use every day? Describe what tasks and roles you take on in an average day or an average week. Our readers would love to know what skills you put into practice on a regular basis.

How does your role help your organization? Often, technical writing, web SEO, and other technical communication roles are overlooked as making a big impact on the business. But we know that without skilled technical communicators behind the scenes, user experience would lag. Tell us how your role makes a splash.

What tools and technologies do you use most of the time? Technical communicators often have access to great tools. We'd love to know what tools make your work easier, and how you use them in your work.

There are lots of ways to tell your story at Technically We Write. These are only a few topics you might use to share your first article with us, but we're sure there are many others. We'd love to hear from you. If you want to share your story, please contact us. Our editor is